Holter Patch dynamic electrocardiogram recorder

Holter Patch dynamic electrocardiogram recorder

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  Holter Patch is a wearable 3-lead dynamic electrocardiogram recorder. According to BORSAM Biomedical understanding Patients can not only wear the instrument in the way of integral heart Patch, but also wear it in the way of traditional lead wire. In daily life, the whole process of cardiac electrical activity can be recorded continuously for 24 hours or longer, and analyzed with the help of analysis system software, so as to find arrhythmia and myocardial ischemia, which are difficult to be found in the routine body surface ecg examination, and provide an important objective basis for clinical diagnosis, treatment and efficacy judgment.

  Wearing a way

  1.One piece heart paste.

  Patients through one piece heart paste wear Holter Patch ECG recorder was worn to detect the 3-lead dynamic ECG. Comfortable to wear, easy to carry, does not affect daily activities.

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  2.Ecg lead wire

  Patients wear Holter Patch electrocardiogram recorder on their body through the traditional ecg lead, and detect the 3-lead dynamic electrocardiogram.

BORSAM Biomedical,Holter Patch,ECG,DCG,dynamic electrocardiogram recorder

  The advantage

  1.Comfortable to wear, easy to carry, simple to wear, does not affect daily life.

  2.Dynamic ecg examination can often capture the occasional arrhythmia, short paroxysmal arrhythmia or transient myocardial ischemia attack that is difficult to be found by conventional ECG, so that patients can get a definite diagnosis and treatment.

  3.Its unique advantage lies in low energy consumption and long recording time, which can reflect the changes of ecg in the active state, thus making up for the deficiency that conventional ECG can only do transient static recording.

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