Symptoms of heart failure

Symptoms of heart failure

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  Referred to as "heart failure, heart failure, heart failure) refers to as a result of the contraction function of the heart and (or) diastolic function obstacle, blood vein change can not be fully out of the heart, lead to venous blood pooling system, arterial blood perfusion system is insufficient, causing cardiovascular disorders, such disorders concentrated expression of pulmonary congestion, vena cava blood clot. Heart failure is not an independent disease, but a terminal stage in the development of heart disease.According to BORSAM Biomedical, The vast majority of heart failure begins with left heart failure, which begins with pulmonary congestion. So what are the symptoms of heart failure?

Heart failure, symptoms of heart failure, heart failure, dyspnea, cardiac function, hypertension,BORSAM Biomedical</center><br><br>  Symptoms of heart failure<br><br>  1. Acute heart failure<br><br>  (1) early performance<br><br>  (2) acute pulmonary edema<br><br>  (3) cardiogenic shock<br><br><center><br><img  src= RETURN

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