Hypotension, how does hypotension do

Hypotension, how does hypotension do

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  According to BORSAM Biomedical,From medical Angle, blood pressure is not anaemic, alleged hypotension, it is to point to arterial blood pressure systolic pressure (commonly known as high pressure) below 12 kilopascals, diastolic pressure (commonly known as low pressure) below 8 kilopascals. Normal blood pressure is less than 90/60 MMHG in adults and less than 100/70 MMHG in older adults, also known as hypotension.

Hypotension,Blood pressure,BORSAM Biomedical

  1, appropriate increase in the amount of salt, while drinking more water, more water into the blood can increase blood volume, thereby raising blood pressure.

  2, increase nutrition, eat some of the blood pressure is conducive to the regulation of tonic, such as ginseng, astragalus, pulse drink. In addition, drink a few low alcohol appropriately also can raise blood pressure.

Hypotension,Blood pressure,BORSAM Biomedical

  3, strengthen physical exercise, improve the body's regulatory function. Physical exercise is good for both hypertension and hypotension.

  4, in order to prevent dizziness, elderly patients with hypotension should pay attention to the usual movement should not be too fast and too hard, from the position of lying or sitting up, the movement should be a little slower. The patient that make water sex hypotension still should notice, had better hold on to a firmer thing with the hand when making water, fall down in case.

  5, physical hypotension, especially young women, if there are no clinical symptoms, generally do not need to use drugs. Pay attention to strengthen exercise. Improve the protein content in the diet, drink more soup, appropriate salt supplement. Shower often and alternate hot and cold feet. Raise your pillow while you sleep.

  6, postural hypotension, postural changes, slow, calm, as far as possible to avoid postural changes caused by lower blood pressure to sleep is too high pillow 25~30cm. Wear long stretch socks and tight abdominal straps. 3) symptomatic or secondary hypotension should be treated according to the diseases and causes of hypotension.

  7, quit smoking limit alcohol, actively participate in physical exercise, improve physical fitness, increase nutrition, drink more water more soup, daily salt and fat slightly more than ordinary people. Postural sex hypotension can wear stretch socks, postural change should be slow, do not stand for a long time, bath water temperature should not be too high, time should not be too long.

Hypotension,Blood pressure,BORSAM Biomedical

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