ECG,Application of dynamic electrocardiogram

ECG,Application of dynamic electrocardiogram

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  Clinical application specifications of dynamic electrocardiogram and dynamic electrocardiogram

  According to BORSAM Biomedical,Dynamic electrocardiogram (DCG) is the electrical activity of the heart under the daily activity state of the patient day and night. It can be continuously recorded for 24h with 3-channel or multi-lead recorder, some of which can be recorded for 48h or longer. Under the intervention of professional technicians, it can be analyzed and processed by computer, and graphic and text analysis reports and all kinds of detailed data can be printed out. According to bosheng medical treatment, dynamic electrocardiogram can be used to detect the myocardial blood supply condition when the heart is under increased load in daily activities, the status of myocardial cells after hypoxia, and the cardiac rhythm condition of autonomic neuromodulation imbalance during deep sleep at night.

  It is not only the first non-invasive examination method for arrhythmia and asymptomatic myocardial ischemia, but also can be used for drug efficacy evaluation and pacemaker function evaluation. According to BORSAM Biomedical,In particular, it can capture complex and difficult ecg, which is an irreplaceable important means for clinical diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.

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  Clinical application of dynamic electrocardiogram

  (1) intermittent or paroxysmal symptoms were detected, and the symptoms of the patient when the relevant arrhythmia of the diagnosis and exercise of chest pain patients to evaluate.

  (2) qualitative and quantitative analysis was conducted on patients with unexplained syncope, presyncope dizziness, amaurosis and paroxysmal arrhythmia, and risk assessment was given to patients with arrhythmia.

  (3) to help identify the types of coronary heart disease angina pectoris, such as: variant angina pectoris, labor angina pectoris, recumbent angina pectoris, especially asymptomatic angina pectoris.

  (4) the coronary heart disease has been diagnosed in patients with myocardial ischemia qualitative and quantitative and relative positioning analysis.

  The evaluation of myocardial infarction or other heart disease patients and the evaluation of life ability.

  6. Evaluate the sinus node function, and can be the heart of the variable time function for a preliminary evaluation.

  7) evaluate the effect of anti - arrhythmia and anti - myocardial ischemia drugs.

  8) assess ICD and pacemaker pacing and perception function, pacemaker parameters and special function is suitable for the patient.

ECG,DCG,Holter monitor,BORSAM Biomedical

  9) pet-name was used to detect malignant arrhythmia in patients with long QT syndrome and cardiomyopathy. According to BORSAM Biomedical,can be carried out between heart rate variability, ventricular late potentials, Tp Te period, T wave electric alternating, sinus heart rate turbulence, DC deceleration force (heart rate), DR, and sleep apnea syndrome, and can according to these high risk predictor for patients with noninvasive risk stratification and assessment of risk, in order to give effective interventional treatment.

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