ECG,Dynamic ECG check notes

ECG,Dynamic ECG check notes

Publisher:BORSAM Medical Publication time:2018/12/17 9:44:16

  The following points should be noted when wearing a dynamic ECG recorder:


  First, it should not be static.

  According to BORSAM Biomedical,After wearing the dynamic electrocardiograph, the daily living should be the same as before wearing, and the exercise should be done properly, but the more intense the exercise, the better, especially to avoid the strenuous exercise of the upper limbs, so as to reduce various myoelectric interference and artifacts. According to the condition and the purpose of the examination, the inpatient can be slow-moving, going up and down, etc.; those with suspected angina can choose more intense exercise that may induce the onset of the disease, in order to observe the relationship between exercise volume and myocardial ischemia and arrhythmia, for medical diagnosis. According to BORSAM Biomedical,However, those who are seriously ill should follow the doctor's instructions.


  Second, the skin should be dry and not wet.

  According to BORSAM Biomedical,Take a bath the day before the test and keep the skin clean and dry, the electrodes are attached to the chest skin

  According to BORSAM Biomedical,The upper thread is connected to the recorder. If the skin is wet, the contact between the electrode and the skin is not good, and even the electrode is detached, and the subject has to be redone. It is common in some clinical cases that some subjects are sweating very much. The result is that some of the electrodes are not detached or the dynamic electrocardiogram interference wave is too much to analyze.


  Third, the diary should be remembered.

  According to BORSAM Biomedical,By registering the physical discomfort and exercise time within 24 hours in detail, you can find out whether there is any change in the dynamic electrocardiogram during this time period, and provide a reliable basis for doctors' diagnosis and treatment.

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