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CardioComm Solutions, Inc

CardioComm is a medical software company that develops end-to-end and turn-key communications and backend ECG management solutions for the viewing, recording, analyzing, reporting and storing of electrocardiograms (ECGs) from any manufacturer’s devices or applications.The Company has over 20 years of experience enabling the monitoring, diagnosis and management of a person’s heart/cardio health outside of the hospital environment. The Company’s software is unique in that it is device agnostic, FDA approved and supports ambulatory ECG monitoring and arrhythmia screening needs in both medical (prescription) and “fit-active” consumer (OTC) lifestyle contexts.

Since its foundation, the Company has provided innovative heart monitoring connectivity and back-end solutions to the cardiovascular medicine, telemedicine and OTC sectors globally. Traditional clients are medical professionals, hospitals, patient care groups, researchers/academic centers, clinics and commercial call/scanning services who are all required to access, manage and transmit mobile ECG data securely. The Company’s core technology platform is called Global ECG Management System (“GEMS”™), which holds several software-as-a-medical device Class II clearances in both Canada and the US. In the EU, GEMS is a Class I medical device. All source code and intellectual property is proprietary and owned outright by the Company. Major client sectors include hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, patient management platforms, research groups, pharmaceutical companies and call centers (This is stated above). The Company has sold its technologies into over 20 countries, with the largest customer base located in the US.

CardioComm has invested in software R&D specifically in supporting wirelessly connected devices for the consumer health and remote patient monitoring markets and has developed a medical ECG reading service with global deployment options to support this. In 2019 the FDA and Health Canada cleared the Company’s newest consumer ECG monitoring solution which includes a Bluetooth connect handheld device called the HeartCheck™ CardiBeat manufactured by BORSAM. Most importantly, the FDA cleared a multi-device compatible ECG management app called GEMS™ Mobile which is also marketed as GEMS Universal. CardioComm is the only medical software company with approvals and capabilities to provide ECG monitoring solutions directly to consumers globally.

ECG reading services are done through a cloud-based, FDA-cleared, fee-for-service solution is called the SMART Monitoring ECG Reading Service. The SMART Monitoring service has been in operation for over six years and is used today to read ECGs from devices used in over-the-counter (“OTC”), research and prescription markets.

CardioComm Solutions has validated the Borsam handheld ECG device to perform within the standards accepted for ECG interpretation by physicians and hospitals.