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2017 classification of medical treatment into the grassroots hospitals

Time: Oct. 2017

The exhibition closely linked to the development trend of the global electronics industry, sub-thematic exhibition on the development of the electronics industry has a forward-looking guiding significance. Participating enterprises to participate in cross-strait technology, economic and trade exchanges from a high starting point, a wide range of deep and diversified technical exchanges to become a major highlight of the show. During the exhibition, exhibitors in addition to extensive contacts with Taiwan merchants, but also received from Britain, France, Germany, Italy and other European countries, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India and other Asian countries, Brazil, Colombia and other South American countries, as well as South Africa and other African countries , A total of four continents around the world, more than 30 countries and regions of the merchants.

According to the exhibitors to reflect, more than 50 percent of the merchants are highly professional. Mainland exhibitors have from more than 10 provinces and cities from the country hundreds of electronics companies more than 800 people to participate in the number of exhibitors and the number of enterprises increased year by year, including large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, joint-stock enterprises and Sino-foreign joint ventures, 70% exhibitors import and export more than 10 million US dollars. Such as China Aviation Industry First Group Corporation, China Electronic Information Industry Group Corporation, China Electronics Import and Export Corporation and so on by the company's main leaders personally led the TV industry's two heavyweight companies - Panda Electronics Group Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronics Co., Ltd. are selected effective lineup exhibitors.

Participating in this exhibition can be more directly understand the development of Taiwan and the world's products and the specific needs of the market, is conducive to improving the technological content of products, adjust the structure of products to improve the production of high-quality products to lay the foundation, but also to improve exports, Normal direction of guidance.

Market analysis

Taiwan is China's largest island, since the 1960s, the implementation of export-oriented industrialization strategy, economic and social development by leaps and bounds, to create a world-renowned Taiwan economic miracle, one of the four tigers in Asia, in the 1990s among the developed economies, The Taiwan's manufacturing industry and high-tech industry developed, semiconductor, IT, communications, electronic precision manufacturing and other areas of the world's leading.

According to the Taiwan Administration of Customs statistics, from January to June, Taiwan and mainland China's import and export of goods amounted to 56.47 billion US dollars, of which Taiwan's exports to the mainland 34.64 billion US dollars, accounting for 25.7% of Taiwan's exports; Taiwan imports from the mainland 21.83 billion US dollars , Accounting for 18.7% of Taiwan's imports, up 1.9 percentage points. Taiwan and mainland China's trade surplus of 12.81 billion US dollars, down 14.5%. As of June, mainland China is Taiwan's largest trading partner, the largest export destination and the largest source of imports.

Mechanical and electrical products is Taiwan's most important commodity imports from the mainland, imports from January to June 11.8 billion US dollars, accounting for 54.1% of total imports from the mainland, an increase of 1.3%. Taiwan's exports to the mainland are mainly mechanical and electrical products, optical watches and clocks, medical products, chemical products and plastic rubber, January-June exports were 15.31 billion US dollars, 5.77 billion US dollars, 4.31 billion US dollars and 3.60 billion US dollars, accounting for exports to the mainland Total 44.2%, 16.6%, 12.4% and 10.4%, down 3.9%, 10.3%, 18.9% and 13.9% respectively. As of July, mainland China is Taiwan's largest trading partner, the largest export destination and the largest source of imports.